Tears From Grace

It was reported that Maya Angelou died today. Somehow I feel like I knew her. A cherished grandmother with her wit, her wisdom and her sass. Lately, family illnesses have gotten me down. So many people struggling. I wonder how one handles any of it with grace? Which reminded me of something I saw Tony …

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Ante Up

I just finished reading Eric Berne's book, Games People Play. It was published way back in 1964...a year after I was born! A mentor recommended it to help a client of mine explore how to speak better. The book is written in psych-speak with colloquialisms that were popular in the 1960's, but it still had …

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The Necessaries.

I keep wondering about wholeness. What does it feel like to be whole? What is that like? What elements are necessary to feel that way? Love. Understanding. Compassion. Vulnerability. Peace. Contentment. Fear. Suffering. Growth. Every emotion? Only some emotion? What do you think? What elements make you feel whole? I am sort of stumped on …

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