The Bridge to … Donuts?

donutsIt was one of those lazy summer afternoons. I was sitting with a girl friend of mine, and while we were sipping our tea, we were happily solving all the world’s problems. We agreed that if the universe would just play on our team, then everyone would have a coke and a smile just like that Coke commercial we saw so many years ago.

As we chatted on, riffing with this omnipotent theme of ours, we both started to feel a little uneasy — kind of like when there is an 800 pound gorilla in the room, and you start to get really fascinated by the intricate details of the coffee mug in your hand. I realize something and say, “You know, if everyone was how we wanted, then they would never be the stars of their own show, they would be bit players in ours.” Her response was, “Don’t you just hate that? It always comes down to us.”

What does this snippet of conversation have to do with bridges? Bridges as in transitions, cues, pauses — anything that signals another thought, idea or movement? As we weaved our way back to the origin of this topic, we discovered that it occurred, because we crossed a bridge entitled “Can you believe school starts on August 10th?” Yes, one little innocuous observation, and we were off and running with our plans for world domination.

So now that we were seeing all the white cars on the road, we started to wonder, “Could we make bridges intentional?” For example, if I wanted to start eating donuts every single day, all I would have to do is buy them, and put them on the kitchen counter. Done. I would ensure donut consumption by just that one tiny act. But what if I wanted to do something a little bit more productive like make time to exercise, or write that article I had been putting off? How could I make a bridge from my current activity to the one I really want to be doing? How could I cue myself to create rather than consume?


So this week, I am going to look for opportunities to create bridges between where I am, and where I want to be. Maybe, it will be as simple as buying the donuts.

I will keep you posted.

Until next time,


* Photo is from yummy O’doodleDoo’s Donuts

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