Silly Soma vs. King Dread

boxingIt’s an epic battle with the Victor enjoying the spoils of full mastery and control of the Universe.

Scene: A boxing ring with scores of fans surrounding it.

We hear, “In this corner ….. King Dread!” The fans go wild.

King Dread preens. He prances. His face suggests that he knows his body is built for violence. He circles the ring with his arms held high. “This,” he thinks, “will be easy.” The grin that follows seethes, “Death is near.” Some of us fidget, uncomfortably. Some of us have glee in our eyes. Me? I need a nap, as I have zero energy.

Then we hear, “Walking from the stands it is  …. Silly Soma!” The fans are not sure how to respond to such a name. They think, “Is this guy for real?” Courteous applause follow him as he approaches the ring.

SS tap dances lightly.  He winks and smiles at the fans. He waves his wiry arms at King Dread as if to say, “I want to be your new best friend. I like this fun game. It makes me feel good.” He then tells a dumb joke that has the fans rolling their eyes. Silly Soma beams. The fans can’t help it — they beam right back. His fun is infectious.

Some of the fans start to feel sorry for him. “Poor little, skinny, tiny Soma.” He is going to be pummeled.  Some say, “But he knew what he was in for, right?  No one forced him into that ring.” Some think, “Let the bloodbath begin.” Others, feel like me, they just want to shut it all out.

The second that  Silly Soma lifts the ropes to step into the ring King Dread  sprawls on the mat, and he is knocked out cold. He seems to be lighter than he was just a few seconds ago. His size looks considerably smaller, too.

Then, as if with a wave of Soma’s hand,  King Dread vanishes. We blink to make sure that we didn’t make a mistake. Silly Soma seems taller now, and much more muscular than he did before. He seems calm, and not in the least bit surprised by the turn of events.

We blink again for confirmation.  Soma is prepared. The word “silly” no longer applies to him. He leaves the ring, but this time, he moves with purpose, focus and determination.

“How the heck?…” one of the fans whispers.

Another says, “He didn’t even get in the ring. All he did was touch the rope.”

Yet another watches Soma’s movements, and thinks, “Well, we can’t call him ‘Silly’ anymore.”

And finally…

“Wait, how did King Dread disappear like that?”

If you and I  had made a prediction about the outcome of this epic battle, I think most of us would agree that King Dread had a big advantage. He had experience, conditioning, and brute physical strength on his side. And yet, in the face of Silly Soma, he basically shrunk into nothingness. How come?

Silly Soma had two bits of information that ensured victory.

  1. He knew that he and King Dread could not be on the mat at the same time.
  2. In order to win the fight, and get King Dread off the mat, he had to create so much fun and laughter – i.e. silliness to change the environmental energy conditions of the fight.

The more silly and fun he became, the smaller King Dread became until Soma was the master of all his energy. Once that happened, the concomitant energy states of motivation, determination and focus snapped into play.

Which leads me to this question, “Has there been anything you’ve been dreading to do lately?”

If so, try Silly Soma’s silliness blast, and see if it doesn’t vaporize your King Dread into oblivion.

Just, maybe, you will be more productive and have more fun at the same time.

Until next time,

May the Silliness be with you!photo(22)

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