Will You Vote?

This morning I walked on the beach, priming away, as I prepared for my client’s phone call. Nothing too unusual. The beach was bright, breezy, and beautiful, and I was centered and focused. Each time I walk by the water, I feel better about who I am, and about how I show up in the world. I can feel strong and think clearly, and so my beach walk has become a beloved morning routine.

So when I got on the call, I was surprised when my client confided a key fact to me that reminded me of my walk this morning. It got me to think about how we show up and why we show up in the world the way we do. I can’t share with you the content of our session, but I can tell you that each of us has a unique perspective and understanding about the world. What works for you and yours may not work for me and mine. However, the way we operate in the world, sometimes, presupposes that our definitions about the world are the same. The fall-out made me want to create a poll, and see what you think.

Would you be so kind as to take the poll below? I am curious as to what you think would make the biggest impact on how you feel about yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to play, and sharing your point of view with me!

Until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you think yourself to be!


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