You Don’t HAVE to do Anything Today!! That’s good, right?

So it’s Saturday morning, and I roll over, stretch, and roll over again. I think about what’s next, when the narrative in my brain goes like this:

“I don’t have to get up, yet.”

“There’s nothing I really HAVE to do.”

“I can ease into it.” “I’ll stay here for just a little while longer…”

“Really, well, okay, I guess I better move. But I don’t HAVE to. I feel good. AND besides, I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to.”

This little self-justifying monologue continues until  I finally say this: “Enough is enough, are YOU gonna sleep your life away?”

Wait, what? Whose voice was that? Up till now,  I had a nice “Cruisin” groove going on, when that bull horn of a message hit my brain! Was that my mom’s voice? Or was there someone else inside me holding my ass to a higher standard?

Have you ever had this experience? When you know what would be the best choice for you, but you didn’t want to act on that voice… yet? It’s what Mel Robbins calls, “pulling the handbrake” on action? I know for me that this happens a lot more than I would care to admit. Don’t you find it funny that when you and I were growing up, we never really made this kind of choice? The choice wasn’t whether or not I will get out of bed, the choice was always about what I got to do once I was up. Was it like that for you, too?

Do you choose comfort or adventure?  I remember when I was younger, my family and I would think nothing of taking an hour or more to get ready to go the beach, then driving an hour to get there, hanging out for the day swimming, playing volleyball, tag, or building sand castles, packing everything back up, and driving back home; only to spend 45 minutes, or more, cleaning the car out, and getting cleaned up. My brothers and I still look back and smile at those outings.

Back then my focus wasn’t on comfort, my focus was on adventure, because adventure=fun! But now, my answer would be “It’s not worth it! I would rather lounge around at home!” What gives?


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Here’s the deal:

When we hang out in our comfort zone, it’s pretty darn snuggly. We know how to handle any little thing that comes our way, and we are secure that everything we need can be handled or covered.  There is no demand on our cognitive abilities, and we can cruise.

On the other hand, we are bored, underutilized, and lack that spark we had when we were young. We long to “live,” however, if we chose to really live, it would make us feel really uncomfortable.

The Courage Zone. Take a look at this graphic. Let’s say our nice comfy bed is in the center, and that jumping out of airplanes is near the outer edge.

(In order to you and I to feel paralysis, overwhelm, and terror, the activity has to really be far out of the range of our perceived capabilities.)

The area that is just beyond the edge of our comfort zone — the courage zone — holds the key that will be the bridge to take us from where we are now to where we want to be.

This zone is the place where stepping stones are placed. It is where skill sets are practiced and honed, and where you begin to “grow into the person” who can make your big goals happen. A life coach is a resource that can help you bridge this gap faster and easier.

The 2% Mindset believes that true living exists beyond our comfort zones. Their definition of “true living” is to feel confident, excited, abundant, fulfilled, and going for your dreams! No where on that list is the opportunity to say with glee, “I get to stay in bed all day long and surf the internet.”

What kind of mindset is necessary for us to be a part of the 2 Percent Club? Carol Dweck’s  book, Mindset,  has the answer.

The 98% who seek comfort, usually are a stubborn lot. They have a “fixed mindset” which assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are fixed and will not change over time. They usually say things like, “I know exactly what will happen,” “Nothing will ever change,” and “That’s just the way it is.”

The 2 Percent Club, on the other hand, believes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability can grow and change over time. They believe the courage zone will lead them to a life full of excitement, opportunity, and abundance. Not the kind of life that is safe and snuggly, but the kind of life that is safe, snuggly, AND exciting. The kind of life that you and I can only imagine in our dreams, unless…

Which brings us back to me, and my “get to stay in bed all day” mantra. I want what the 2 Percenters have, and in order to get it, I have to spend more time in the courage zone. So the next time I’m tempted to talk myself into hours of bed time, I’ll remember not to pull the handbrake, but to jump out of bed and see what life has in store for me, just like I did when I was a kid.

So the next time you find yourself getting to choose between “staying in bed” and going somewhere like the beach,  you may want to revisit the 2% mindsets’ point of view, and get your butt in gear. Your big, beautiful life awaits!!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Remember, you are so much more than who you think yourself to be











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