How To Get Energy Using Legal Stimulants!

So there I was spread across our king-sized master bed like a snow angel – a very pregnant snow angel.  We had just arrived home from the local “weekend warrior” hangout –Home Depot — where my husband spent over an hour getting the 411 on how to put in a window. He even bought the window. At the time, I hadn’t really paid much attention, because my legs and back hurt and my feet were swollen and all I could hold in my brain was, “bed. nap. Oreos”   in in that order. What a relief to, finally, lie down on that bed and relax.

NO, HE DIDN’T JUST DO THAT. As I looked up at the ceiling, I thought about how great it was not to feel all of that weight on my back and legs. Except for the occasional kick across my belly, I was finally comfortable. As I was about to blissfully fall into a lovely little late afternoon nap, I hear ARRRRRRR – CRASHH, crash, BOOM!! My eyes immediately widened, and I didn’t seem to care about sleep, or my aches and pains. I popped up and slid out of bed and yelled, “What happened?” By the time I waddled the 3 or 4 feet to the bathroom, my husband started to explain. In fact, he had a lot of “splaining” to do.

He seemed to believe that he was perfectly qualified and capable — from  a 45 minute conversation  — to come home and cut a whole in the wall of our house! UNBELIEVABLE! Here I was pregnant, not able to move, and he thinks nothing of cutting holes in a perfectly good wall?! WTF?! After he showed me the plan, and executed it flawlessly – as usual – I felt much better and was able to take that much needed nap…

Did you notice anything important that happened in this true story?

Remember I was tired, my body hurt, I was pregnant and I was lying on the bed, but when I needed energy, boy did energy show up in a big way! I’m wondering…How did I create that energy? I didn’t eat anything, I wasn’t napping yet, in fact, I just had rested my head on the pillow not a couple of minutes before. So, how did I make enough energy to get up and get in that bathroom as quickly as I did to confront what I perceived as a threat?

In this week’s  #WHITEBOARDWEDNESDAYS — where I share some easy to apply tips to make our lives just a little bit better, as well as to practice my public speaking skills  — I talk about how to get more energy when you need it. This week,  I was  live from Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, CA. Not only do you get to see some beautiful scenery, you get a whole bunch of great ideas about how to get more energy in your life. Check it out below:



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Over 30 of my Facebook friends took the time to share their best energy secrets with me and you. Here is the list of recommendations mentioned in the above video to get more energy and there are links to some of the products mentioned.


Carla – Plenty of Sleep, water, avoid sugar and no electronics before bed

Brook – Rebounding, yoga, PEMF, Qualia, proper/alkaline water, cardio, proper sleep cycles, 100% organic foods, detoxifying foods, coffee enemas, MAKE YOUR MOVE!, Vitamin D (from the sun), standing desk, and choosing to be full of energy, Highly recommend downloading f.lux for your computers… it’ll reduce the amount of blue light coming off your screens (the light that throws off sleep rhythm)

Teresa – Music

GemA regular meditation practice, enough water, laugh, essential oils, spend time doing the things that bring you joy! Don’t repress your more reactive emotions (express them in a safe way 😉)

David – Water and Axio (Under products select Axio-I like the passion fruit and take the Protandim)

CathyEat right,  Exercise, Take Proper supplements avoid the hype of over priced smoke and mirror stories. Look after YOU when you need to unplug !

Wade –  There are daily vitamins, energy, mental focus, sleep, and recovery supplements that a Nurse friend of mine turned me on to. I started using it when I began training for my Black Belt and it is AMAZING!!!! The recovery helped me recover much more quickly. There is much more info on my website at

CarlaPlenty of sleep (at least 8 hours per night), plenty of water, avoid sugar, coffee and exercise (avoid electronics one hour prior to bedtime and NO electronics allowed in bedroom)

SarahDeciding to have it

StevenTime Released B-Complex vitamin taken w/ lunch. It made a noticeable difference for me having made no other changes. Time release is important, since B-Complex vitamins are water soluble.

TonyAlkaline water

KathWim Hof Method breathing and beet based fresh juice.

ShamekaVitamin d and ginseng


Brenda – Thrive

Melissa – Hydrate and eat protein

Lars – Banana

LoriWhole foods- fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. Also I start my mornings with hot green tea, half a lemon & 1 tblsp of apple cider vinegar every morning. This gives me energy & keeps me regular. I try to stay away from processed foods, but my weakness is sweets. So my rule I try to follow is I try to eat clean 85% of the time & allow sweet treats once in awhile & a cheat meal. And exercise is so important. It gives me energy & keeps me from getting depressed.

JamesPlenty of sleep and focusing on exciting things

AndrewBecome conscious. When people are unconscious, they tend to compulsively think and that’s a major drain of energy.

J.D.Along with a healthy diet, some exercise, Lean Java Bean has added a little pep and focus on top of all that and couple my friends… The right amount of sleep is also critical, which is different got everyone BTW, no one formula

JaneYoga meditation chanting good healthy foods  some good friends

JessicaOn top of healthy eating, exercising, meditating, and sleeping I think having a therapist or life coach, helps you emotionally and mentally detox, and helps motivate you, which removes the “proverbial backpack of rocks” which ends up creating a physical energy.

JackieDrink more water. Listen to some upbeat music & get moving

HildaWalking and music! Sometimes you need to take a power nap in the afternoon.

NancyPer Aristotle-“Moderation in all things-excess in none”–Regular exercise, good red wine and excellent dark chocolate.

KirkFind some sport you enjoy so much you never need force yourself. For me that is skating. Just exercise a little more this week than you did last.

AmyMediation, priming and real food!

LydiaWater, exercise, home grown veggies, laughing, praying, meditating, sleeping and flooding my body with nutrition of 45 plants on a daily basis.

Sarah – Cut out sugar. it’s hard given the amount of sugar in processed food, but I read a book called ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’ which made life much easier. For me the biggest part was reframing my relationship with sugar, and becoming aware of its full effects. I would never smoke or take drugs and sugar is as harmful and addictive as those things. Just wish I’d had the knowledge earlier in life!

David – Rest and exercise

Ram – Daily yoga

Last but not least, MY FOUR TOP  UNCONVENTIONAL TIPS for getting more energy FAST are:

  1. LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF – Jokes, stories, silly memes, anything that touches your funny bone gives you instant energy
  2. SHUT UP AND DANCE –Movement that gets you breathing and your blood flowing and feels oh so good gets you going
  3. GET YOUR SEXY ON – When you dress in something that you know you look GOOD in, gives you energy
  4. SING OUT LOUD – Belt out your favorites and watch your energy level rise

My hope is that some or all of these tips remind you that you have options, and that the next time you feel the need for some energy, you got a full set of tools to choose from. Now you  won’t need to experience your husband cutting a hole in your bathroom wall to realize that you can create energy when you need it!

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!





2 thoughts on “How To Get Energy Using Legal Stimulants!

  1. What an awesome break time post to read and watch. First of all, thank you, Christine, for sharing my energy tip…just some rule of thumb things I stick to personally. Secondly, love the live video of the ocean while you are sharing your message…that energized me. And last but not least thank you for the many tips on how to re-energize me while working in my home office. At 60 years young my energy isn’t what it used to be, it’s better!!!!

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