Blessings in Disguise

There I was at the top of an aerobatic manuever enjoying the sights, the silence and the symmetry of being at one with the aircraft. It had been awhile. Six weeks earlier, I had given birth to my daughter. Since then, every waking moment had been filled with feedings, changings, household chores, and very little …

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Ever Feel Stuck? Getting Unstuck Through Surrender **

(** Note: Christina Wallace is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author, Success Coach, mother, and community activist. Christina’s passion has been creating lasting partnerships with leaders, teachers, students, and parents to empower them in creating the life they want to live. Christina engages with powerful people and extraordinary entrepreneurs to train teachers to empower students in …

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Am I A Yet, Yet? Revisited

[Author's note: I wrote this post about two years ago. It is a playful look at a very important issue for us and for our children] Hmmm.... I have spent the better part of two days trying to upload a picture and write this post. How appropriate it is that I am writing on the …

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