Ever Feel Stuck? Getting Unstuck Through Surrender **

(** Note: Christina Wallace is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author, Success Coach, mother, and community activist. Christina’s passion has been creating lasting partnerships with leaders, teachers, students, and parents to empower them in creating the life they want to live. Christina engages with powerful people and extraordinary entrepreneurs to train teachers to empower students in schools around the world. Take some time and read what she has to say. You just might learn some great tips to get unstuck and start living the way you want to live )

Enter Christina

Ever feel stuck? Ever find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a negative thought or emotion, like you’re sinking into quicksand? Or perhaps like you’re watching a movie over and over again in your mind, replaying every detail from a scene of your life over and over again? You replay it so many times that it makes you lose focus on everything else, and you become a victim of your own thoughts? Then you’re stuck in it like a bad movie you’ve seen on TV for the 100th time, and you are asking yourself, why the heck am I watching this damn movie again??

All of us get stuck sometimes for various reasons, but the one root cause is always FEAR. Perception becomes our reality. We naturally fear anything we perceive as a danger, whether it’s true or not! Some situations in life call for an appropriate amount of fear. But for many, fear is an illusion, based on our 2 million year old brain that was meant to protect us from bears, lions, drought, & other natural dangers. Because most of us have our basic human needs met, and don’t have wolves chasing after us as we walk from the front door to our cars, we don’t really have much to fear anymore. So our amazing brains make stuff up!!

OMG, what will they think of me? What will they say? How will people judge me? What if I fail? What if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if they make fun of me? What if I say something wrong? What if I tell her I love her and she doesn’t love me back? What if I can’t lose the weight? What if they don’t like me? FEAR leads us to fall deeper and deeper into a downward spiral, into the quicksand of “what ifs,” replaying over and over, stopping us from moving forward in life.

The women I speak with who want to lose weight, be healthier, achieve their dream body, say they struggle with “motivation,” which is really code for saying they get stuck! Motivation is the DESIRE to do something, to want the end result more than anything. You DESIRE to lose 30 pounds and fit back into your skinny jeans again. You start off really motivated to achieve your goals, but within a few days, you’re stuck in old habits again, and the motivation dies out, making you feel even more fearful of failing. Sound familiar?

So what’s the antidote to being stuck? One deceptively simple word: SURRENDER!

Before this summer, I had a desire to go skydiving. It was actually on my “40 before 40” list to complete before May 21, 2017, but I didn’t do it. Before this summer, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,500 feet altitude would have scared me to death! I would have felt so much fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety that I never actually went through with it.

After I completed my NLP coach training and hired my own breakthrough results coach in August, I can honestly say I was FEARLESS jumping out of that plane on Labor Day! Even the skydiver who jumped with me strapped to him said I did amazing, and was surprised at how calm I was! I felt so peaceful, calm, and grateful as we climbed higher and higher in the air. I felt so present and grateful to God for this amazing opportunity. Then, when we actually fell out of the plane, I was in freefall for about 60 seconds. I enjoyed every single moment of in in complete faith, mindfulness, and peace, not once screaming from fear.

Next to the birth of my son, it was the closest I ever felt to God and Infinite Intelligence, the miracle of all things in our world.

So how did I do it? How did I let go of all the fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety? How do I surrender and give full faith to the universe that all will work out for me? Here’s my 5 steps to get unstuck through surrender:

1. Act as if you’re in the Club! AKA, Shake that booty! As Joseph McClendon’s legacy demands, get some ASSTITUDE! “I regret dancing my butt off,” said no one ever! Put some jams on and shake that booty! Surrender to the beats, and let mother nature take over, enjoy the grooves, and shake yourself to freedom.

2. View it from the rear view mirror! As Jen Sincero says, “Fear is for Suckers” and one of the best ways to get unstuck is to look at whatever you fear in the rear view mirror. Think about a time in the past that you did something so scary, and now you look back at it like, that was a piece of cake! Envision your challenge you are stuck in from the future, look back to now, and see your victorious self celebrating it! Imagine you’re Marty McFly and surrender to your future self looking back to now with relief!

3. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! I can never say enough about the power of gratitude. In my experience, gratitude is the answer to any problem or negative feeling. No matter how bad things get, how stuck you are, we always have at least ONE thing to be grateful for in life. Gratitude is attitude, and the more you let go of what you don’t have, focusing on all you do have that is truly amazing, the less stuck you will be! Surrender to all that is here already, and see what miracles come your way!

4. Allow yourself to be vulnerable! Send out an SOS and ask for HELP! Do not suffer in silence, the worst thing to do when feeling stuck! Reach out to a friend, a family member, a hotline, a therapist, a coach, even a stranger next to you! Humans are by nature empathetic to each other. Never have I once reached out and been denied help by anyone! Asking is surrender, but you have to be vulnerable and open to receive the help! If your friends and family are triggers to why you get stuck in the first place, then find a great coach or mentor! Hiring my coaches was the BEST decision I made! Has truly changed my life and taught me how to get unstuck very quickly!

5. Love yourself! Surrender and let go to all you have inside of you already. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Have FAITH in yourself and God that you have all the answers already inside. You are a Superhero and are LOVED

To learn more about this topic, or any other personal development topic of interest, follow me on FB, email me at christina.wallace77@gmail.com as well as to subscribe to my YouTube channel and weekly newsletter. Also visit my website at www.empowerteach.com and contact me for a free consult!

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