Do You Have Reminders That Work? I’ve Got One You Might Love!

Do you live intentionally? As in do you think about how you want to be at work, at home and set up your day to support you to do just that?

There was a time when other people’s agendas ran my day. I spent most of the time responding to other people’s requests and it was a dissatisfying way to live. There never seemed to be time to do what I wanted to do. That all changed when I became a coach and started using tools to support me in the life I wanted to live.


Reminders are super important in this world of constant information, and attention grabbing voices that, oftentimes, make me forget what I was doing and why I was doing it. That’s why being intentional matters. You stack the deck in your favor when you set up reminders of where to put your focus and how you want your day to go.

People don’t lack will power, they lack reminders – Brendon Burchard

I’ve been busy researching and thinking about what product would help me to remember the person I want to be to myself, the person I want to be in my career and the person I want to be in my relationships.

I wanted a beautiful reminder that inspired me, that I enjoyed wearing and was affordable, too!

What emerged was a beautiful 7.5 inch bracelet made from 8mm moonstone beads with an engraved charm. The logo of my business is on the front of the charm and on the back is a call to action, “Challenge Your Vision.” I chose that phrase for the name of my company, because when I got out of my narrow thinking and challenged my world view, my life changed forever.

But not everyone will be moved by that phrase “Challenge Your Vision” so there needed to be something more.


Having clarity about who you are and how you want to show up in the world not only makes it more likely that you will succeed, it makes life easier as well.

When I became a High Performance Coach, I learned about an exercise that helped you to get clear on the three words that best describe you when you are living from your best self.

So I added the clarity exercise to the product, and now in adddition to the company charm, you get an engraved charm with your clarity words on it to remind you to live your best self each and every day.

If this sounds like something you would like to have, head on my over to my Etsy shop and find out the details. There is a limited supply of these bracelets.

What reminders can you create in your life to remind you to be things like brave, kind, considerate, helpful et al? When you set up reminders in your life, you become more intentional and when you become more intentional, your life is what you make it! Set up some reminders now!

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Stand up for your dreams and fight to make them real. I want you to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. You got this.

Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time,

Remember, you are stronger than you know!


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