About Me and It’s About Your Life Shop

As a working Certified High Performance Coach, I noticed that my clients, sometimes, needed an inspirational reminder more than they needed a new strategy or tool.
When we get busy in our day to day lives, other voices can get in the way of what we believe is important. We, then, act based on the loudest voice in the room and not act on the voice that would either move us closer to our goals or be in alignment with what we believe to be important.
I created this shop on Etsy with the goal to create beautiful reminders and tools to help you live your beautiful life in the way you want to live it.
Thank you for reading and if you are interested in a custom reminder, please message me and I would be happy to discuss a specific project with you.
Remember, you are so much more than who you believe at times.
It’s time for you to make your own rules and use reminders that work

I’m Christine Jeffrey

High Performance Coach, lovingly known as “Coach Christine”

I see so many instances of needless suffering due to one faulty premise alone: this is the way it’s been done and you have to do it this way.

No you don’t.

You can create a life that is full of accomplishment and it still be full of light, love, and happiness on your own terms and I can help you do it.

I’m here to bring you back to a place where you can decide for yourself what rules you want to follow and how you want to live.

At the very core of high-performance is heart-centered living. When you know your purpose and live from that place, you experience life on a whole other level. You know what to do, because you know who you are and who you are is enough.

Here are 10 fun facts about me:

1. Bussed tables at my family’s restaurant in San Francisco, CA

2. Babysat every kid in the neighborhood before I graduated high school

3. Pretended I was “Caine” from the TV Show Kung Fu and carried pots of water around with my forearms

4. Got married young. Got divorced later

5. Flew aerobatic airplanes because it was cool

6. Became a mom to 2 super talented girls

7. Ran 5k’s and ½ marathons and my legs did hurt

8. Finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 52

9. Graduated college summa cum laude with a degree in Finance, because I had to prove to my 5th grade teacher that I was good at math

10. Became one of the few Certified High-Performance Coaches, so I can help you live from your heart and have what you truly want! 

Christine Jeffrey, CHPC