My Favorite Things

Each month I post about my favorite things.


Favorite Infographic – This infographic reminds me that feelings come from our explanations about things, and then, we decide what to do about that feelings. So it stands to reason that if you change your explanations, you change your experience. You change your experience, you change your destiny.

Favorite Tool :   This wheel of life is focused on the four key indicators of happiness: health, wealth, relationships and fun. Do this before planning your goals for 2018 as it will help you to focus on the right things for you. Download it here:


Favorite Treat:  Iced White Mocha Tall with Whip at Starbucks… Yes Please!

Favorite Book: This guided journal helps you to create a vision for your life that works. It is beautiful, full of actionable wisdome, and an easy way to begin journaling. You can find it here

You can pair it with SCORE: Make The Goals In Your Life Count Workbook here to not only have a vision for your life that works, but the plan to make that vision a reality! On Kindle now for only $.99!


Favorite Game:  Cribbage Deluxe from Random Salad Games. It is a fun way to wind down without FORCING your unwilling family members to play with you.

Favorite App:  Ebates – If you shop at all online. This App gets you cashback on your purchases and when you reach a certain amount, they will cut you a check. It is awesome!!

Favorite Image/Quote – I found that creating beautiful reminders is a wonderful and creative way for me to remind myself to be brave in this case! You can find more like this on Etsy at:

Favorite  Talk – So many Gems of Wisdom from Les Brown in this video. Make time to watch it and then allow your life to be transformed for the better.  Check it out here: