My Favorite Things

Each month I will be posting my favorite things.


Favorite Infographic –  From my Pinterest board. Click to see more!

Favorite Tool :   Pre-Day ChecklistThis checklist allows you to make sure you’ve set your day up for success. It not only focuses you, it motivates and inspires you!

Favorite Treat:  You have no idea how good these are!


Favorite Book: If you want to get the right things done, this is the book to help you do it!


Favorite Game: AbzuMy daughter got me this for Christmas, and it is such a great way to get centered. Beauty and mediation all in one.

Favorite App  30/30                     


Favorite Image/Quote – When you choose to exchange, the power comes into your hands. You already possess the qualities you need for success. You just need to tap into them.

Favorite  Talk – I so enjoyed his advice, and his delivery of some actionable wisdom.