How To Get “IT” Back – FAST!

As is always my intention with these posts, I want to share tips, tools, and strategies to improve the quality of my life and yours - in an easy way - to give you more clarity, help you to develop more courage and guide you to step out in your life in a bolder way. …

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“How Do I Contribute?”

It's December and the feeling of Christmas is everywhere. Despite the recent events in California, the spirit of love, kindness and giving is everywhere - if you look. What would happen if we encountered life with this one simple question: How do I contribute? How would our thoughts change? How would our interactions change? What …

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What If Dead People Could Talk?

When I was twenty-five, my dad disappeared from my life. It felt like that. It felt intentional, even though, he died in the garage of our family home from a cardiac arrest/stroke. It wasn't as if he planned it, but somehow it felt that way. There wasn't a chance for me to say good-bye, or …

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